Sunday, October 5, 2008

Today is my 36th B-Day and my doctor says that there are no cancer cells in my body

During the last half of September, I had two MRI's. One was for my head and the other on my back. My cancer doctor found a small cancer cell section there during the summer before I started my chemo in May. Then I went back to see my cancer doctor on September 14, 2008. He told me that there are no cancer cells in my body at this time.

Of course I still have to have my port flushed every six weeks and again when I see my cancer doctor six weeks later. The doctor says that I might be able to have my port removed in 6 months or so after my next round of scans to check for cancer. I will not be able to say that I'm cancer free for 5 years.But I hope that time goes by fast.

On the bright side of this, I returned back to work at Ace Hardware here in Burley,Idaho,USA. I'm only working 32 hours a week. My old boss let me come back to my old job. I help customers out on the sales floor and I'm forbidden from lifting heavy objects(cancer doctor's orders).If I worked 40 hours it would be too much for my body. I'm also trying to promote this blog and my movie review website more since I'm making money again. The last 4 months and this summer have been a nightmare for me with chemo and cancer.

At least I have some happy and great news for readers of my blog!!
Hopefully tonight I will go see "Hancock" for $2 at my town's cheap movie theater!! I'm been wanting to see it all summer. Hopefully it will worth my waiting so long in seeing it!!